I was born in Eastern Europe and raised in the communist regime.  My upbringing was based on uniformity, political songs, regular exercises and team work.  Individual ment nothing. It was important to be part of  a group, to belong, to be invisible. We have been happy in our ignorance. We belonged to our communist group, we had been accepted and that was enough.

After the fall of the communist regime and the Berlin Wall I migrated to Australia in 1994 and my life turned upside down. I realised that as an individual I am valued and I have a right

to voice my beliefs, desires and my opinions. I love my homeland where I learnt the first values of  hard work, responsibility and humility. My country has ancient history, beautiful country side and very hospitable people, who will not allow you to leave their table until you are full. I love Australia. This is the place I built my first farm and raised many animals including joey kangaroo. My children grew up here and call Australia home. I am Slovak in Australia.