P1010700 My son on his Grandfather funeral On my Father’s funeral I looked at my son standing next to the cask with his dead body and I realized how much he resembles him.

The way he smiles, shake his head and talk. I knew my Father is with us.

I lost three important men in my life in the past years. Each of  these deaths touched my life in a special way and left me a gift.


My Uncle, my Grandfather and also my Father desired someone. They all except my uncle had been happily married yet on their death bed they waited for their lost love. They wished they had been more affectionate and expressed their love more often. They wished have no resistant thoughts holding back from what they really wanted in their lives. They come to me in whispers and shadows and can only be heard with the heart. In grief we connect because our hearts are open in a particularly sensitive way.

I hear their voices: ‘ Love and appreciate who you are. Be passionate. Let’s your life be vibrant and exciting. Create new realities and leave your heart and your door open….your dream lover will come to you.’