A native orchid

Droplets of snow


I remember the first time I looked around and wanted to make sense what is happening around me. It was snowing. It was cold outside, but my Grandmother’s hug felt warm. Where I am, who I am and how I fit with everything around me. It happened long time ago on another continent, in another time. I keep searching. I want to understand our universe and my place in it. Bushwalking in Porongurup I stopped and looked at this particular flower. When I looked up I realized that there are more flowers hiding under bushes.I might be able to understand the universe by studying that particular flower. If I appreciate it and keep my mind open about the relationship of that flower to all others, by the time I connect it with everything in natural world, I’ll have the universe.

I stopped and looked back at my life. I am just one particular individual with my own emotions, intelligence and consciousness,with my own life history, memories, experiences and knowledge, lived in different countries, speaking in different languages /English is not my native language as you have already noticed/ and my perception of this particular flower, my attitude toward this flowers is individual. How do I connect with you and with everyone and everything around me?  How to make sense of universe and our place in it in our fast living and information over loading modern world?

Reading history we know that we are all descended from African people. Neverthelles all human history is full of hatred among people based on cultural, religious or just perceptional differences. Some argue that we needed time to develop. New research confirmed that they were modern in their behaviour long before that ‘Red Sea Crossing’.  A hundred thousand years ago, humans were identical mentally to us.

Today, both as individuals and as a species, we face deadly serious problems, including terrorism, nuclear threat, overpopulation, poverty, famine, environmental degradation, climate change and serious illnesses such as cancer…  We are lost, depressed and scarred.  Many of us look for some spiritual guidance in form of different religions or self-help books. Our psyches will never be totally reducible, computable, predictable or explainable.  It is our ‘treasure chest’, it is ‘who we are’ but it is very ‘fragile thing’.

I invite you to explore my history, to explore my particular life and thinking processes with me.  Listen to me, connect with me and together maybe we can look at the universal from looking at the particular.